Graphical Genealogy Tree

Author:Przemek Więch
Version: 0.21 - Updated 16 Feb 2008


This report creates a graphical tree in SVG, PDF or PNG format or displays it on the screen. Using it, you will be able to generate a view of your family tree, where you can see all relatives of a given individual including uncles, cousins, etc… (Displaying on screen might work slowly for larger family trees.)


Graphical Tree Report Screenshot

Recent changes

version 0.21 (16 Feb 2008)

  • added new rendering options:
    • Rotate (90, 180, 270 degrees)
    • Mirror image
  • Added option to set title font size

version 0.20 (6 Feb 2008)

  • added option to display first names in several lines (submitted by William Yu)

version 0.19 (17 Jan 2008)

  • fixed diagram size calculation (broken in the last version)
  • added option to display or not dates (submitted by William Yu)
  • now ALL generations will get a colour, not only a limited number - the colours will cycle. (suggested by William Yu)

version 0.18 (2 Jan 2008)

  • added first horizontal tree layout
  • option to swap first and last names (requested by Guzguz)

version 0.17 (16 Aug 2007)

  • added option to display a page title

version 0.16 (17 Nov 2006)

  • added option to display divorce information
  • added option to shrink boxes when possible

version 0.15 (11 Sep 2006)

  • added option to display places of birth and death
  • added option to display occupations


You can transform a SVG file to PNG format using a custom program. These are some examples, which give good results:

java -jar batik-rasterize.jar file.svg 

(It might be nesessary to add a parameter to the command line to allocate more memory, eg. -Xmx512m). Maybe you will have to play a little bit with the parameters you find in the Options tab, as depending of the size of your gedcom, the resulting svg file can be difficult to be displayed.

  • inkscape. Once downloaded, run it this way:
inkscape file.svg -y 0.5 --export-png=file.png

To Do

These are things to be done in the report:

  • display ancestors of spouses (now only ancestors of ancestors are displayed)
  • build the tree for a given set of ancestors (suggested by Daniel)
  • build the tree consisting of common part of several persons' trees
  • try to draw generations on one level (it's not always possible) (commonly requested)
  • option to show adopted children: only with primary parents, only in adopted families, in both
  • option to switch between horizontal and vertical view [Done using rotations]
  • deal with repeating parts of the tree (when there is a cycle in the genealogy graph)


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