GenealogyJ allows users to write custom logic that operates on the managed genealogical information (Gedcom). These reports can take advantage of the object-oriented API of GenJ and fully interact with the user.

Reports can be invoked through context-menus throughout GenJ or by opening the Report View.

This is a non-comprehensive list of reports available for GenealogyJ. Some are pre-packaged as part of the default distribution, others are available from different sources (because of size or special applicability).


  • Ages
  • Close Relatives
  • Common Ancestor
  • Events
  • Flash List
  • Phonetics
  • Trees


  • Ancestor or descendants narrative
  • Circular Chart
  • Families
  • Fan chart
  • Four Generations Chart
  • List Ancestors (Sosa)
  • List Descendants
  • Summary of records


  • Ancestor statistics
  • Demography
  • Events by Months
  • Gedcom Statistics
  • History of Places
  • Names in History


  • CousinsGenWeb
  • Dates Calculator
  • Gedcom Validation
  • Generate Google Map
  • Occurrences of Values
  • Run Executable
  • To do list
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