Table View

This view shows all the records of a type as a table.
The type is selected by the buttons. (Use the mouse to see their tooltips). The columns are properties of those entities (e.g. Name, Sex and Birth Date).

Configure the Table

The columns (properties) can be selected and configured via the button 'Configure View'. For each type of entity the columns to be shown are marked in the 'Column Selection'. To change the order of columns select one in 'Column Order' and move it up or down with the buttons below.

Scroll and Sort

We can scroll the content in the window with the mouse wheel and the scrollbar on the right. Within the content we can move the focus with the mouse and the arrow keys.

To sort the rows by a specific column simply click the appropriate column header. A small marker will indicate the column and direction sorted by. If a sort is upwards a register appears at the right for easier navigation.

:-) Right-click in the table view invokes the Context Menu for the property in focus.

How to extract data from table view

We can mark multiple properties (adjacent ones or with ctrl + click disjunct ones) or the whole table (ctrl+a) and copy the selection via strg+c and strg+v as a table into, e.g. OpenOffice Writer or Calc.

:-) Very convenient:

  • We can select the table columns to our needs,
  • sort the rows as needed,
  • mark the desired rows, and then copy them as described above.
  • In OpenOffice we can prepare the data for printing.

Thus we can extract all Schmidt, or all farmers, or all born in New York.

How to find Last Changes

Sometimes we want to find the last changes we did in a GEDCOM or the changes we did last summer.

In the table view

  • Configure the Table View
  • Select the property 'CHAN(Change)' as visible
  • Sort on the column 'Change'.

Proceed to Family Tree View

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