Search View

This view allows to search for properties by their contained values. It is rather powerful.

But possibly some of the reports and utilities are also fit for our purpose, e.g.

  • 'Occurrences of Values' lists all occurrences of the same value, for example everyone living in the same place or people with the same name.
  • 'Trade Directory Tool' helps when searching trade directories and periodicals by listing people in the current file who were alive in the specified year.
  • 'Contemporaries' lists people who existed at the same time as the chosen individual.

Or also the sort possibilities in the Table View - How to extract data from table view?

In the search view simply enter a value into the field 'Value'.
Additionally we may enter a tag path into the field 'Tag' to restrict the search. The button to the left presents properties to choose from.
Finally click 'Start Search' in the toolbar.

If you're experienced with Regular Expressions1) then enter those in the 'Value' field and mark the checkbox above this field. The button to the left presents a list to choose from.

:-) Convenient: If we click on a result this record is shown in all the other views like in the 'GEDCOM Validation' utility in the reports) – especially in the editor as we often want to edit the entry.

Proceed to Help View

1) see Wikipedia or OpenOffice Writer
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