Reports and Utilities

Under 'Reports' we find almost 50 functions to analyze, to evaluate, and to present our data and some utilities as well.

Don't overlook the following functions to extract data from GenJ besides the reports:

How do we find the report we need?

There are several ways:

  • Menu 'Views → Report' opens the Report View and the 'Report Selector'. The letter presents an alphabetical list of all available reports. The adjacent tab gives a description of the report in focus. Another tab allows to set options of the report. We can scroll the list with the mouse wheel or the scrollbar and through the list with the arrow keys.
  • In the menu 'Reports' these functions are grouped into charts, texts, and utilities. If we hover over submenu entries tooltips give a short hint what the report does.
  • A Context Menu additionally shows in its lower part those reports that can be applied in the actual context.

After a report was selected, the report view is open.

Overview of the Reports and Utilities

This overview is copied from the GenJ report selector to ensure that the keywords can be found when searching with the search function of the Help-wiki (see at the right).

Text Reports

The Toolbar

Start Report …
Output: toggles between two output channels (for some reports only)
Save Report Output

Proceed to Charts

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