Program Options

Before you start your work it is wise to check the settings in 'Edit → Options' whether they fit to your needs. Most of them are preset properly, but those marked with :?: you might like to change.


  • Default Font (Restart required): is applied in the Timeline View and the Record View.
  • HTTP Proxy (host:port)
  • Language (Restart required): switch between the languages that are installed
  • Look & feel (Restart required)
  • Maximum log file size (KB)
  • Screen resolution

Gedcom Data

  • Add AGE to events
  • Add GIVN and SURN to names
  • Convert last names to uppercase: :!: Caution: This cannot be reversed.
  • Date format
  • Fill gaps in IDs when creating new entities: These identifyer (I<nnn>, F<nnn>, N<nnn>, …) are program internal. Programs reading the file use them to construct the structure and may assign own ones afterwards. Thus it normally makes no sense to influence those numbers. GenJ doesn't change them though.
  • Generate inline notes and media attributes instead of records: :?: controls whether notes and multimedia pointer are generated as properties or own records, see also Note and Multimedia Object.
  • Line break for values (in file)
  • Marriage symbol (between individuals)
  • Maximum image file size (KB) (GEDCOM 5.5 only)
  • Name format
  • Number of Undo's
  • Use father's last name for new mother


  • Capitalization
  • Commit changes in the Edit View without asking: :?: otherwise your input in the editor is lost if you switch to another record without hitting the OK button.

Report Output

  • Indent per level
  • Positions after decimal point
  • Symbol for »Child of«
  • Symbol for Baptism
  • Symbol for Birth
  • Symbol for Buried
  • Symbol for Death
  • Symbol for Divorce
  • Symbol for Engagement
  • Symbol for Marriage
  • Symbol for Occupation
  • Symbol for Residence
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