How do we record adoption or foster families?

GEDCOM 5.5.1 requires for an adoption the following structure:

0 @I57@ INDI
   1 NAME ...
   1 FAMC @F1@ <pointer to natural parents>
   1 FAMC @F2@ <pointer to adopting parents>
      2 PEDI adopted <[ adopted | birth | foster | sealing ]> 1)
   1 ADOP
      2 FAMC @F2@
         3 ADOP BOTH <[ BOTH | HUSB | WIFE ] <who adopted>

1) controls which parents (natural or adopting) are shown in the family tree

This is easiest done in Edit View GEDCOM mode with the Context Menu (right-clicks) on the respective properties:

  • on the adoptee INDI: → 'Individual' → 'Add parents' creates (further) parents (e.g. family F2)
  • on the pointer '1 FAMC @F2@': →'Add property' → 'Pedigree (PEDI)' and select the proper value, e.g. 'adopted'.
  • on the adoptee INDI again: → 'Add property' → 'Adoption (ADOP)'.
  • on this property '1 ADOP': → 'Property 'Adoption'' → 'Add family (child in family)' and select in the Family Selector the proper family, e.g. F2.
  • on this pointer '2 FAMC @F2@': → 'Add property' → 'Adoption (ADOP)' and select e.g. BOTH.

How these families can be shown in the pedigree see Family Tree View - Showing adoption and foster families.

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