Graphical Genealogy Tree

Author:Przemek Więch
Version: 0.21 - Updated 16 Feb 2008


This report creates a graphical tree in SVG, PDF or PNG format or displays it on the screen. Using it, you will be able to generate a view of your family tree, where you can see all relatives of a given individual including uncles, cousins, etc… (Displaying on screen might work slowly for larger family trees.)


Graphical Tree Report Screenshot

Recent changes

version 0.21 (16 Feb 2008)

version 0.20 (6 Feb 2008)

version 0.19 (17 Jan 2008)

version 0.18 (2 Jan 2008)

version 0.17 (16 Aug 2007)

version 0.16 (17 Nov 2006)

version 0.15 (11 Sep 2006)


You can transform a SVG file to PNG format using a custom program. These are some examples, which give good results:

java -jar batik-rasterize.jar file.svg 

(It might be nesessary to add a parameter to the command line to allocate more memory, eg. -Xmx512m). Maybe you will have to play a little bit with the parameters you find in the Options tab, as depending of the size of your gedcom, the resulting svg file can be difficult to be displayed.

inkscape file.svg -y 0.5 --export-png=file.png

To Do

These are things to be done in the report: