When we work with our genealogical data normally we would like to see them in various presentations depending on what we want to do, e.g. as a family tree for an impressive overview, less space consuming in a table or very detailed the information of one person.

These so-called views all work on the same underlying data - this means that

Typically we will open several views – not necessarily all but combinations that help to navigate and understand the underlying data.
For example

A standard combination of views can be selected or created via menu 'Views' → 'Layout'.
The combination is not limited and you'll soon get a feeling for which views fulfill your needs.

:-) The views will remember the position and size of the enclosing windows so position them as required and they will pop-up at the same place next time.

More about the handling of views see The GenJ Window and its Components - The Panes and Views.

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