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This report prepares data for submission to CousinsGenWeb web sites. For more information take a look at

Families Report (Tex output)

This 'Families' report provides output in TeX format. This can be converted to PDF with a pdflatex converter for example LaTeX. Save the report output in a *.tex file and start the conversion with pdflatex filename Use the report options to choose which data will appear in the report. Note: This report is experimental and may have some errors.

GEDCOM Validation

Validates GEDCOM file or entity for GEDCOM compliance and anomalies. A click on a problem message positions the editor on the corresponding entity to make it easy to correct any issues

iCalendar Anniversaries

This report creates a calendar file in iCalendar format. This file can be imported into most calendar applications, including Mozilla Sunbird, MS Outlook, and Google Calendar. Use the options to determine which events appear in the calendar.


This report prints phonetic codes of individuals. It supports Soundex, Metaphone, Double Metaphone, Phonex and NYSIIS.

Recompile Reports

This utility is only relevant for developers of reports.

This report recompiles all reports in GenJ's report directory (./report). After a restart of GenJ or by pressing the reload button in Report View, recompiled reports can be reloaded into GenJ.

For the compilation to succeed GenJ needs to be run inside a JDK's Java Virtual Machine, not in a JRE's Java Virtual Machine.

Run Executable

This report prompts for an executable and runs it.

To Do List

This report shows all to-dos for a GEDCOM file, e.g. a 'to-do' to scan a document or to check information.

Of course, if you want this report to find something you have to prepare your data appropriately. You have many possibilities, but here are some examples :

First, you can create markers inside your tree, as “_TODO” (note that this marker begins with an underscore “_”).

Secondly you can use internal notes for your tree. For example, if you have created a general NOTE (i.e. a GEDCOM tag), with something like “I have to find this information, I have to check it”. Each time you want to specify that for something into your tree, for an information, all you have to do is to create an internal link to that NOTE entity, and the report will follow such links.

Last but not least, you can have NOTEs already under certain informations (under a date of birth for example, …), what you can do, is to add a specific word to that NOTE, that will mean that this NOTE will be checked by the report once run (ex. you begin your NOTE with the word “TODO: ”). Each times the report will find that sentence “TODO: ” into a NOTE, it will add that note and its contain into the ToDos list.

Trade Directory Tool

This report helps when searching trade directories and periodicals by listing people in the current file who were alive in the specified year.

For example, if you have access to a trade directory for 1850 you can specify that year and the report will list everyone alive at that time along with their age and the date, type and place of any occupational data. Set the option to make an estimate for individuals with no birth or death dates.

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