Table of Contents

Timeline View

This view shows events stored in a GEDCOM file from left to right on a timeline. It starts at the earliest point in time of an event reaching to the latest event.

On top is the line of years distributed evenly from left to right. The events below consist of a little marker, a type symbol or the tag, text the individuals name, and the date when the event happened (optional).
The following events can be selected: birth, death and marriage.
The events are arranged on several lines when they might overlap otherwise.

The Toolbar

The toolbar (use the tooltips) provides the following functions:

The slider zooms in and out.
'Configure View' see below.
The screenshot function can copy to the clipboard a bitmap of the whole timeline or the actually visible part of it. The bitmap can be imported into Gimp, but not into OpenOffice Writer (as of Nov 2010).

Configuring the Presentation

'Configure View' provides the following functions:

The fontsize is controlled in the Program Options.


The tree can be browsed by using

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