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Text Reports

Age at Events

This report prints out the age of an individual at different events during their life.

Ancestor List (Sosa classification)

This reports displays a list of ancestors in four ways:
- Sosa generations
- Sosa generations in table form
- Ancestor lineage
- Agnatic lineage only (father's name)

Ancestor Statistics

This report prints the number of ancestors found, coverage factor, implex factor and coefficient of consanguinity.

The coverage factor is the ratio between the known and all possible ancestors. An implex is a common ancestor, a person who appears several times in the ancestor tree. So the implex factor is the ratio between the number of duplicated ancestors and the number of counted ancestors. No common ancestor gives 0. Example: If an individual has 100 ancestors, but only 80 different, the implex factor is (100 - 80) / 100 = 20%.

The coefficient of consanguinity is the probability that the two allele genes that an individual has at a locus are identical by descendance. This assumes that a common ancestor is shared by each parent of the individual.

This report can only be run from an individual's context-menu.

Ancestor or Descendants Narrative

This report generates a text document describing the ancestors or descendants of a selected individual.

Close Relatives

This report shows close relatives of the chosen individual.

Common Ancestor

Shows the common ancestor of two individuals.


Lists people who existed at the same time as the chosen individual. If a birth or death date is not known, the value set in the 'Life span' option is used to form an estimate. Where a person dies in the year that another is born, they are considered contemporaries

Date Calculator

Use this report to determine
- the date of an event if you know the age of the person when the event occurred and that person's birth date
- the birth date of a person if you know the date of the event and the age of that person when the event occurred

This report can only be run from an individual's context menu (right click on the ”Date” property of the concerned event).

Descendant Report

Lists the descendants of the selected individual.

List of Events

Lists births, baptisms, marriages, divorces, emigrations, immigrations, naturalizations and deaths. The options allow the types of event, gender and time span to be chosen.

List of Events grouped by place

Lists specified events grouped by place. Various options about what to show in which order.

When you scavenge historical records, it might be handy to have your own notes in the same order. This list should at least help in countries with a civil administration introduced by Napoleon, or with church administration records.


Displays detailed information about all families in the current file. Use the options to choose what data will appear in the report.

Flash List (Names and Places)

This report displays a flash-list of the GEDCOM file. This is a summary of the events sorted by place and last name. A reader of such a report can easily and quickly identify any potential interest he/she may have to look the GEDCOM file in more details.

The report displays for each combination of place and last name the number of events, and the year span of these events. It also shows the number of events of ancestors of a pre-selected person.

The report can be started from a whole GEDCOM file or from a person in that file. If started from the whole file, you will be prompted to select the de-cujus person (sosa=1).

The report provides numerous display options including the possibility to highlight some of the lines depending on a criteria. For instance, you can decide to have bold lines for all place/name combinations that have events over more than 50 years, or where there has been more than 3 events or that include more than 1 ancestor.

GEDCOM Statistics

This report gives you some statistics about the current GEDCOM File.

- Digits in fraction portion
- Individuals (gender, number, percentage, age)
- Last names (number, percentage, individuals, gender, age)
- Families (number, children, marriage age)
- Occupations (number, percentage, individuals)
- Places (name, number, percentage, individuals)

Lines of Ascent

Displays maternal or paternal lines of ascent for a given individual.

List of Names

Lists everyone in the file with brief information as specified in the report options.

Missing Information on Individuals

This report shows missing information for a particular individual (via the right-click 'context menu') or for all individuals in the current file. Note that baptism (BAPT) and christening (CHR) tags are checked and that invalid dates are considered as missing.

Occurrences of Values

This report lists all occurrences of the same value, for example everyone living in the same place or people with the same name. Run it by right-clicking one of those properties that offer a choice when editing (i.e. NAME, PLAC, CITY, POST, CTRY, FORM, OCCU, RELA) and selecting 'Occurrences of Values' from the Utilities section.

Summary of Records

Generates a summary of records as formatted output (currently individuals and families)

Top Names

This report displays the number of times each given name and surname appear in the current file and what proportion of the total they represent.
Use the option to see all names or just the most popular.
Note that middle names are ignored.


This report generates a list of all the linked family groups (or “trees”) in a GEDCOM file along with their size and the name of the person with the lowest ID.

A threshold can be set in the report options for the smallest size group that it will list. Below this threshold only a summary of the number of people is generated.

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