Table of Contents

The GenJ Window and its Components

The Main Menu

The Toolbar

Hover over an icon and the tooltip (see below) explains what it does.

The Panes and Tabs

The various Views on the GEDCOM data can be arranged in multiple ways – just as you need it.

There may be multiple panes of adjustable size. In each of them there may be several views as tabs. The panes can be docked or undocked. An undocked window (floating window) can be resized and floats above all of the other windows.

Via menu 'View → Layout' you can select predefined arrangements or create own ones.

:-) This flexibility is especially useful for small screens!

Undocking: right-click on the tab header → 'Undock'.
:!: Note: you can undock only a whole pane, not a single tab of it.
Undocked panes stay always on top of the main window.

Docking: To dock again left-click on the tab header, drag until the tab becomes shaded and then drag it into the main window, move it around until it fits as you want and the drop it. Or just select in menu 'View ' → 'Layout' one of the predefined layouts.

:-) GenJ will remember our arrangement for the next start.

The Statusbar

In the status bar at the bottom the number of the various entities are shown. For explanation use the tooltip (see below).

Very helpful - the Tooltip

If we hover the cursor over a button or a property that we don't know yet very often a short explanation is given. Just try it.

Very Convenient – the Context Menu

see Context Menu