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Types of Family Trees or Pedigrees

In common speech people normally don't use the correct names of the various genealogical charts. But among genealogists the following terms are used. The charts may also be presented in horizontal view. For all the chart types are also lists very common.

Ancestor Chart

An ancestor chart shows the ancestors of a person, called »proband«. Starting from the bottom with the proband upwards to two parents, four grandparents a.s.o.
This structure is the same for every person.

Numbering scheme of Kekulé (a.k.a Sosa-Stradonitz-System) can be applied.

Descendents Chart

This chart shows the descendants of a proband. Starting with the proband at the top it shows all children and the children thereof a.s.o.

There are various numbering schemes, e.g. d'Aboville.

Sandglass Diagram

This is a combination of an ancestor chart and a descendents chart with the proband in the middle.

Kinship Diagram

There are more variants that show blood kinship of a proband upwards and downwards also with children of siblings a.s.o.

:!: Kinship diagrams are not supported by GenJ.

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