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Context Menu

The most efficient tool while working with GenJ is the context menu. A right-click 1) on an entity or property displayed in any of the views will reveal actions we can take.

In Standard Mode

In standard mode the context menus show up-most the submenu for the entity or property focused on; below that are further submenus for the next higher context levels, and below that further commands, e.g.

Everywhere the entities that can be linked with the focused one and be added if needed are offered up-most, below these follow as applicable

For the file we can create data records that are not linked to any other record, e.g. for unrelated family trees in the same file.


In GEDCOM mode the context menus show additional commands as

'Add property …' allows to add even unsupported tags in the 'tag' field at the bottom.

In the following example the context for a Name property is shown. The first sub-menu is for the property itself and actions on it, the second sub-menu is for the entity (here an Individual) this property belongs to, the third sub-menu is for the file ('GEDCOM') the entity belongs to.

1) depending on the platform