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Age Pyramids

Shows demographic charts for all the individuals in a GEDCOM file.
Each chart displays data for a different type of event:

- age when a child was born
- age when married for the first time
- age when a parent died
- age of youngest child when a parent died
- age at divorce
- age of the oldest when the youngest was born
- age of youngest when second parent died
- years that a spouse is outlived

All-in-One Chart

This report creates a graphical tree in SVG, PDF or PNG format or displays it on the screen. It generates an overall view of your family tree, where you can see all relatives of a given individual including uncles, cousins, etc. Choose the output file type in the report options.

Circular Chart

This report generates an ancestry circle chart in Postscript format for the chosen person.
Use the options to set the number of generations, fonts, colors etc.
Note that you will need a Postscript viewer installed to open the output file.

ps can be transformed to PDF, e.g. in Windows with PDFCreator, in other system with ps2pdf.

Events by Month

This report displays pie-charts illustrating the number of birth, marriage, divorce and death events by month.

Fan Chart

This report generates a fan chart of direct ancestors of the chosen individual.
The total number of generations displayed and number per page can be set using the report options. The chart is created in postscript format but can easily be converted to PDF using one of the many free online or off-line converters.

Four Generations Chart

Makes a chart of four generations of ancestors of an individual.

Graphical tree formatted by yEd

This report concentrates on label content and places the labels on one big pile. You can finish the layout with yEd which is free as in free beer. Launched from a person or family you get only ancestors and descendants. Otherwise you can choose to show all or filter on (special) tag content. yEd has (semi and fully) automatic layout algorithms to format the graph. You can select generations, ancestors or descendants, male or female to delete graph sections or mass-edit label formats. Some examples of its export types: image map, flash, svg, pdf, png.

History of Places

Shows the places in the current GEDCOM file along a historic axis.

Names in History

Shows the history of family names along the timeline of a GEDCOM file.

Pedigree Chart (5 Generations)

This report creates a simple five-generation pedigree chart suitable for editing or formatting with any text editor.


This report builds a HTML representation of the information in a GEDCOM file.

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