Blueprints are used in the Family Tree View and the Record View.
The content and colors of the boxes in the Family Tree and in the record presentation are defined by blueprints. There are some predefined blueprints and we can define our own.

To select or create a blueprint right-click on either an individual box or a family box in the family tree or click in the record presentation respectively and select from the context menu 'Select Blueprint'.

The Blueprint Selector opens and shows the available blueprints. In the Preview we see the layout of the selected one. Press OK to apply it.

To create a new one press the 'New' button and name the new blueprint. Below the current layout we see the corresponding HTML code. We don't have to be HTML experts to design a blueprint:

If we hit the 'Insert properties …' button GenJ offers all possible Tag Paths. Check the boxes to insert them at the corsor position.
&nbsp creates a blank.
The font color can be changed with <font color=blue>Text</font>.
Available color names are: black, gray, maroon, red, green, lime, olive, yellow, orange, navy, blue, purple, fuchsia, teal, aqua, silver, white

Restriction: font size cannot be changed.

It is easy to try changes as the effect is immediately shown above in the 'Preview'. For the beginning look into the other blueprints and start from the one closest to your intention.

:!: Don't be afraid, nothing can happen: if you are not satisfied with your result just delete this blueprint and create a better one.

:-) GenJ will remember the new blueprint in your settings.