There are two meanings of »alias«:

  1. a further name of a person and
  2. the suspicion that two persons in the file might be the same person.

GEDCOM documents these cases as follows:

0 @I001@ INDI
     2 TYPE aka  1)
  1 ALIA @<I002>  2)

1) A name type, e.g. aka | birth | immigrant | maiden | married | <user defined>, is used to specify the particular variation that this name is. For example, it could indicate that this name is a name taken at immigration or that it could be an aka = also known as, alias, etc. name.

To add a type to a name in the Edit View in GEDCOM mode Context Menu (right-click) on the name: → 'Add property …' → 'Type'.

2) The ALIA tag is an indicator to link different record descriptions of a person who may be the same person.

The ALIAs tag is definitely not intended for representing multiple names.
Multiple names have to be documented in multiple NAME properties.

To create an Alias: context menu on one of the two persons: → 'Individual' → 'more' → 'Add Alias' and create or select the other person from the selector window.
:-) GenJ creates the reciprocal ALIA in the other person automatically.

:-( Many programs do not handle ALIA correctly. Data Exchange Problems for GEDCOM files with these programs is difficult.

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