Is GenealogyJ out-of-life? What program to use?

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Is GenealogyJ out-of-life? What program to use?

Postby ghueller » Sun Mar 05, 2017 18:48:34

10 years ago, I have put together a personal dataset in Genealogy/J
Now, I see that there is not much life in the forum...
I want to use existing data and print a nice family tree on an A0 printer (challenge is with multiple children from different fathers)

Should I still use GenJ? How? (Tree view only allows one child family... how to print a full tree?)
Good suggestions for other programs in which I can import my gedcom file?

Cheers from Vienna

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Re: Is GenealogyJ out-of-life? What program to use?

Postby Paul_R » Sat Mar 17, 2018 16:39:47

Hi Gernot

It certainly seems to be dormant if not dead. As mentioned in your other thread you could look at Ancestris which is basically GenJ with some additions and changes. A couple of alternative open-source options are 'Gramps' or 'Geneweb' or one of the server-based programs 'Webtrees' or 'Humogen' (both can be run on your own computer and used as desktop apps rather than on the internet). Gramps with plug-ins offers the sort of charts you were asking about in your other thread. If you're using Windows, there are other free/non-open-source programs such as Ahnenblatt, ScionPC etc etc.

Good luck!


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