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Help-wiki 3.1

Postby Peter from Germany » Tue Nov 30, 2010 2:24:40

Dear Genj Users

The most important function for beginners is always the Help function with its "first steps".
But our Help shall be also valuable for experienced users. Therefore GenJ provides us with a very modern feature:
A wiki-based user information:
that means every user can (and should) contribute to correct and improve this “manual”.

Our Help-wiki is now in a state that it is worthwhile to have a look into it. Please check whether it is
  • understandable,
  • correct,
  • complete?
You are welcome to give your feedback to wording, form and content of the Help-wiki and propose improvements.

Also when you have run into a problem and found a solution, why not help others who will possibly experience the same problem? Contribute it to the Help-wiki.

Authors of the wiki may of course also improve the pages directly.


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