Help with search, for example for a name

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Help with search, for example for a name

Postby yankele » Mon Aug 10, 2015 4:53:12

1-New to GenealogyJ and to this forum, I'll start by thanking the author for the possibility to practice my hobby on my Linux workhorses without having to seek a Windows machine.
2-I am 80, heavy computer user since 1961, so a short hint will be enough to help me.
3-Due to age, vision problems, or more likely growing senility, I easily found how to search for a name, how to read the number of occurrences, but not how to see the result(s) of the search, that is, hopefully, in some way, the matching record(s).

Thanks in advance.

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Peter from Germany
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Re: Help with search, for example for a name

Postby Peter from Germany » Thu Mar 10, 2016 15:38:23

If you use the search view you get all the occurrences in the search window. Just click on a line and you will see the details in the edit view window.
Peter from Germany

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