Website report - Unhandled tags

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Website report - Unhandled tags

Postby paulzag » Thu May 17, 2012 4:45:55

This report is great and works very well.

However there are some tags it reports as unhandled
Unhandled tag:ASSO:TYPE
Unhandled tag:BAPM:XREF
Unhandled tag:FAMC:ADOP
Unhandled tag:MARR:XREF
Unhandled tag:NATU:XREF
Unhandled tag:SOUR:QUAY
Unhandled tag:SOUR:TEXT

These seem to be valid GEDCOM 5.5 but I haven't checked them all.

The FAMC:ADOP in particular is surprising, but like the ASSOC and :XREF if might be that I'm putting in more detail than most report writers expect.
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