report changes coming with GenJ 3.0

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report changes coming with GenJ 3.0

Postby nmeier » Mon Dec 07, 2009 19:51:05

Hi there

as you might have seen in the dev forum there are some major changes coming to GenJ. One part of that is how reports are going to be restructured for ease of development - certain things are going to be targeted by the new plugin infrastructure.

Starting with GenJ 3.0 (the new branch) reports cannot force showing output to users anymore - they can ask for information via the get*FromUser methods. All show*ToUser methods are going away in favour of a result that now can be passed back in the start method.

If you want to see that in action please see the dev section on information about the docket branch. That branch is active and I've refactored all existing reports already.

Of course an early sanity check on whether your report still works is appreciated - this is exciting stuff, looking forward to roll all that out :)


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