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Plugins in 3.0

Postby nmeier » Mon Jan 18, 2010 10:59:20


I've updated the tracker sample plugin available here

It now uses the new 3.0 mechanisms to extend GenJ. It's a simple example of a plugin that adds a new view and background logic to track changes to the Gedcom information as performed by the user.

tracker.png (27.16 KiB) Viewed 534 times

Anyone who wants to get into that level of development should check it out and first have a look at

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package sample.tracker;

 * A sample GenJ plugin that tracks all changes to all gedcom files
public class TrackerPlugin implements WorkbenchListener, ActionProvider {


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package sample.tracker;

 * A sample additional view
public class TrackerView extends View {

If checked out into Eclipse you should be able to run the tracker example if you have a 'GenJ' project with the core code (run the Tracker launch configuration coming with this module).

There's a build file (build.xml) which will also create a deployable .jar file (you'll have to adjust to point to the GenJ project folder though).

The plugin can be installed by downloading and unzipping it into the GenJ folder (which basically places a single jar file into ./lib).

If you're interested in this, have questions or suggestions please report back here.


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