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Postby Paulynator » Sun Aug 07, 2011 9:37:38

The manual ( lists and describes the different chart types GJ can produce and it matches the list at the Reports,Charts pulldown except the manual's list includes one not in the pulldown, "Graphical tree formatted by yEd". I found the program yEd and have experimented with it but would really like to be able to get GJ to show the tree using the assistance of yEd (as implied by yEd being in the list of GJ's chart types), not using yEd independently. I asking this because I do want to use the increased graphical editing allowed by yEd but yEd isn't as user-friendly (I'd have to do some programming to make yEd even show birthdates on the chart) so I'd rather it start with the chart produced by GJ. Since yEd isn't in the pulldown to invoke, is the help for GJ really saying I can use yEd INSTEAD? If not, please tell me how to get GJ to use yEd (or yEd to use my GJ chart). Sorry if the answer is obvious and thanks very much for your help.

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